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At M’n’M Balloons we know what it takes to make any party spectacular, and one of the main ingredients for any stunning décor is the type and colours of the Balloons.


We have an extensive palate of colours for latex balloons to suit any event, from Metallic Gold and Silver, to the bright Neon’s and Primary. To tone it down we also have a wide range of pastel colours too.


Themed party? Why not have try our themed foil balloons, from Disney, to One Direction, to Hello Kitty the list just goes on. Why not add some flair by mixing it up with some foils. They come in all shapes and sizes and look amazing as they pick up the lights in any venue.


11″ Latex Balloons 19″ Star Foils


18″ Heart Foils 18″ Circle Foils”


19″ Dazzler Foil SuperShape Letter


SuperShape Number Celebration
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